‘Through its four components: reorganisation of CRA, IT, Legal and Process Management the project supported the CRA towards creating a well-designed Strategy, management tools, evaluation report on IT and legal issues. This also affected the policies at the municipal level. The overall objective of the project resulted in improving some of the processes of the civil registration system in accordance with EU standards.’

Mr. Bekim Hoxha,

Director General of Civil

Registration Agency


‘The Project aims to support the organisation, increase the quality of civil registration and contribute to personal data protection and document security. Being a public office, the CRA together with the Project developed a package of legal amendments. In the near future these efforts will contribute to a decrease of administrative burdens in civil registration, an enormous decrease in the paper used for certificates and extracts from the registers and will provide the basis to deliver e-services to citizens.’

Mr. Vaidas Valikonis,

Residential Technical Advisor

Annual Update 2020 VNG International

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Featured Project

Kosovo, Civil Registration and Document Security

(EU Twinning Project)





For over two years now, the project has supported one of the most important public data management agencies in Kosovo – the Civil Registration Agency (CRA). With the project’s support the agency, responsible for vital data and vehicle registration, aims to achieve changes in the organisation through four main pillars: internal organisation, IT, legal framework and process management. The support, based on the best practices and experiences from the Netherlands and Lithuania, has a focus on several critical processes: visa liberalisation, European Public Administration reform, Rule of law principles and first steps towards a future European integration. By achieving all the results and keeping them sustainable, the impact will extend to each citizen of Kosovo, allowing them to receive more professional, transparent and modern services from their government.


Results achieved:

The CRA became the first agency in Kosovo fully ready to implement the recent Public Administration Reform by developing a new organisational strategy, a performance planning and reporting framework, and risk- and change management processes. The project also supported local CRA offices and developed an internal training structure and periodical examination.


  • Development of the first ever IT strategy for the CRA, including proposals, priorities and action plans for short, medium and long term developments;
  • Installation of the electronic data exchange with other state systems. Today the number of such interconnections is more than 60.
  • Familiarisation of the CRA with personal data protection, EU General Data Protection Regulation and the concept of Open data, as well as the correct usage;
  • Development of proposals for the amendments to the Civil Law, in order to align Kosovo’s legislation to EU acquis and to make legal processes easier accessible  for citizens. These changes are in the adoption phase and will legalise the use of electronic Civil Status documents, thereby drastically decreasing the number of paper documents in use. Another effect of the changes will be the increase of data quality in the systems that will allow Kosovo to create reliable voters lists and thus to increase the transparency of elections;
  • Last but not least: development of an e-archiving solution, which is crucial for an IT-based organisation like CRA. Implementation of this solution, together with the changes in legislation, and proposed IT developments, will allow the CRA to start building the first electronic services for citizens and businesses in Kosovo.