Annual Update 2020 VNG International

Building More

Effective Public


by strengthening DEMOCRATIC

local government

What makes people satisfied about their local government? The answer is easy: make sure public services like waste collection and the provision of drinking water are functioning and well-maintained, at an affordable price. If people need official documents, make sure they can get them close to where they live, without corruption or long waiting times. And, rightly so, people want a say in decisions that impact their living environment. They want it to be clean, safe and pleasant.


How to make that a reality, is less easy. Well-defined inter-governmental interfaces are needed, including inter-governmental financial relations that match the division of responsibilities; local councillors who understand their role, and staff who have the skills and attitude to perform; local taxation is crucial for sustained service provision, but also requires accountability and a well-functioning civil registry and land/property registration. This is just a selection from the many issues that we address in our projects in this area of expertise.




Recent / Ongoing Projects

Algeria, Shiraka-Initiative for Effective, Inclusive and

Prosperous Municipalities

01-10-2019 / 31-12-2020

donor: Royal Netherlands Embassy in Algeria

consortium PARTNER(S): The Hague Academy for Local Governance (THA); CILG-VNG International



Benin, Technical Assistance for the OmiDelta Programme

01-10-2017 / 30-06-2021

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

consortium PARTNER(S): COWI



Benin, Technical Assistance Towards Further Decentralisation and Community Development (PDDC)

01-11-2017 / 31-05-2020

donor: GIZ Benin

consortium PARTNER(S): AMBERO Consulting Gesellschaft mbH



Egypt, Technical Assistance to the Integrated and Sustainable Community Development Programme

12-02-2015 / 15-12-2020

donor: European Investment Bank (EIB)

consortium PARTNER(S): Sweco Danmark A/S; Eptisa Internacional; Chemonics Egypt Consultants



Ghana, Tax for Development

01-11-2017 / 15-12-2020

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands



Ghana, Technical Assistance to the Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee on Decentralisation

23-10-2018 / 22-12-2020

donor: Delegation of the European Union to Ghana

consortium PARTNER(S): Ecorys Nederland B.V.



Kosovo, Support to Civil Registration and Document Security in Kosovo (EU Twinning Project)

01-09-2017 / 30-06-2020

donor: European Union Office in Kosovo

consortium PARTNER(S): State Enterprise Centre of Registers (SECR)



Morocco, HAKAMA, Public Administration Reform
01-09-2017 / 31-08-2020

donor: Delegation of the European Commission in Morocco

consortium PARTNER(S):GFA Management GmbH; DMI Associates; Thalys Conseil



Myanmar, Municipal Accountability, Governance and Inclusive Communities in Chin State and Tanintharyi Region (MAGIC)

01-03-2018 / 28-02-2022

donor: Delegation of the European Union to Myanmar

consortium PARTNER(S): Loka Ahlinn Social Development Network (LASDN); Chin State



Netherlands, China-Knowledge Network for Dutch Municipalities  01-02-2020 / 30-06-2021

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

consortium PARTNER(S): Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG)



Netherlands, Policy Advice to Dutch Municipalities on International Cooperation

01-01-2019 / 31-12-2019

donor: Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG)



Palestinian Territories, Area (C) Resilience Development Initiative

01-02-2018 / 01-01-2020

consortium PARTNER(S): European Commission



Palestinian Territories, Decentralisation of Property Tax

01-08-2018 / 31-12-2021

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands



South Africa, Technical Assistance for the National School
of Government

06-06-2019 / 05-06-2021

donor: Delegation of the European Union to South Africa

consortium PARTNER(S): Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics KG; Ecorys; Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration



Tunisia, Support to the Process of Decentralisation and Deconcentration

03-10-2019 / 02-10-2022

donor: European Commission

consortium PARTNER(S): CILG-VNG International; SKL International; GFA



Turkey, Technical Assistance for Town Twinning between
Turkey and the EU

06-04-2018 / 05-04-2020

donor: Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU) Turkey

consortium PARTNER(S): WYG Turkey; Project Group Turkey



Ukraine, Democratic Governance East Activity

28-02-2019 / 30-09-2023

donor: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

consortium PARTNER(S): Chemonics; Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development



Various countries, Secretariat of the UCLG CIB Working
Group 2020

01-10-2020 / 31-12-2020

donor: FCM; VNG International; Barcelona City Council; Generalitat de Catalunya; UCLG

consortium PARTNER(S):



Zimbabwe, Local Authority Capacity Enhancement Project II

01-03-2018 / 01-03-2020

donor: Delegation of the European Union to Zimbabwe