Annual Update 2020 VNG International



Dear readers,


The COVID-19 crisis shows us, again, that we live in a more than ever interconnected world, and that legitimate national ánd local governments and their leadership are crucial for an effective response.

It underlines the relevance of VNG International’s mission: ‘Building Better Futures, by strengthening democratic local government worldwide.’


In various ways, the COVID-19 crisis also has a direct impact on our projects and programmes.

In close consultation with the beneficiaries and the clients, we readjusted priorities in some of our projects, supporting local governments in their response to the crisis, in areas like public health and safety, social impact, public order, continued service delivery and good communication. I am proud of the advisory service package that our team has developed: the Crisis and Transition Support Unit (CriT).


It is  with gratitude, that I note that VNG International has built up a positive name over

the years, both within ‘the global family of local government’ and the donor community. We are seen as reliable, professional and knowledgeable. Also larger commercial consultancy companies are keen to partner with us because of our thorough local government expertise. This is reflected in our steadily growing portfolio, with a turnover of more than 27 million Euro in 2019 and an expected 34 million Euro in 2020, although this may be negatively affected by the crisis.

In our current portfolio in more than 30 countries, urban development  and local taxation in combination with local accountability, are two themes that are becoming increasingly important.








We have built a strong local presence in many of the countries where we work. Our daughter company CILG in Tunis is well-established in the MENA region. We have project offices in Benin, Burundi, DRC, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Myanmar and Palestine, and we are registered in Jordan, Lebanon and Uganda.  Where we do not have an office, we often do have local (associated) experts or small specialised companies that work with us on the joint development of our work.


A highlight of last year was the election of VNG President Mayor Jan van Zanen as co-president of our world umbrella organisation United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). This is an expression of VNG’s continued active engagement for a strong global network of local governments.


The SDG’s remain an important guiding framework for our ambitions. In January 2020, VNG declared its office in The Hague to be an ‘SDG 11 House’ to express its commitment to the SDG agenda.

We are 5 years along the road to 2030, with only

10 remaining. Much still needs to be done in this ‘Decade of Action’. My team and I are full of inspiration and energy to take up the challenge. Hopefully together with you! Read this Annual Update on the results and developments in our work over the last 12 months as an invitation to

join us


Peter Knip

Director VNG International



june 2020


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