Annual Update 2020 VNG International


Sustainable and

Resilient Cities

and Communities

by strengthening democratic

local government

Imagine what it means to be a councillor or city manager, and a new pandemic hits your city too. Or unprecedented numbers of displaced people seek refuge in your region… Even without such extraordinary circumstances, local politicians and staff are facing the multiple challenges that come with the rapid urbanization of today and the coming years and decades. The quality of their decisions and work has an enormous impact, now and for future generations.


How to mitigate climate change, how to manage scarce resources like land, water, building plots and housing, how to assure that sufficient employment is created for men, women and young people, and that every citizen feels safe? We support local politicians and staff, by providing access to knowledge and experience of peers, by training and coaching, often in multi-annual projects. We also have a strong record in supporting local governments in the field of disaster preparedness and reconstruction.




Recent / Ongoing Projects

Albania, Effective and Responsive Safety and Security

Policies at Local Level

01-10-2017 / 31-03-2020

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands



Albania, Countering Discrimination and Protecting LGBTI Rights 
01-10-2017 / 31-12-2020

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

CONSORTIUM PARTNER(S): Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC);

COC Nederland



Benin, Support Projet for Integrated Water Management
(PSL Eau)
19-12-2018 / 18-06-2021

donor: Royal Netherlands Embassy in Benin



Costa Rica, MUEVE: Sustainable Mobility, Urban Planning, Equipment and Assessment of Public Space

28-02-2020 / 28-02-2024

donor: European Commission (DG EuropeAid)

CONSORTIUM PARTNER(S): Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG); Asociación Nacional Alcaldes Intendentes (ANAI); Ciudad de Fomento de San Sebastián



Dominican Republic, Project Management and Capacity Building TA for the Post-Disaster and Climate Change Resilience FL
30-09-2019 / 30-09-2024

donor: European Investment Bank (EIB)




Iraq, LOGOReP II: the second Local Government Resilience Programme

01-07-2019 / 30-06-2023

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

CONSORTIUM PARTNER(S): Danish Refugee Council



Jordan, Improvement of Public Spaces and Green Infrastructure in Mafraq Municipalities

26-11-2018 / 31-12-2019

donor: German International Cooperation Head Office (GIZ)



Lebanon, Solid Waste Management in Bakhoun and Zouk Bhannine
07-11-2019 / 31-12-2019

donor: UNDP Lebanon



Mozambique, Beira Land Administrations Systems Project 01-11-2018 / 30-06-2020

donor: Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)



St Maarten, St Eustatius and Saba, Resilience and Recovery of the Leeward Islands

01-12-2017 / 01-08-2020

donor: The Netherlands Red Cross



Sint Maarten, Technical Assistance to the Ministry of VROMI

25-10-2018 / 31-07-2019

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands




Somalia, Advancing Strong Partnerships for Inclusive and Resilient Economic Development (ASPIRE)

01-03-2018 / 29-02-2020

donor: European Commission (EuropeAid)




South Africa, Enhancing Local Authorities Capacity for Development

24-12-2017 / 24-12-2020

donor: Delegation of the European Union to South Africa




DEALS, Governance of Inclusive Green Growth in Cities

01-09-2017 / 31-08-2022

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands


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