Annual Update 2020 VNG International

‘This project opened opportunities for the most vulnerable in the community, because it built the capacity of workers in different fields and provides them with the basic life skills as a key for life’

Mr. Suliman Al-Khawaldeh,

Mayor of Bal’ama


‘The area of Um Al-Jimal is considered one of the most important locations in Jordan due to its historical and archaeological features. It is expected that this project will increase the chances of enlisting the archaeological site in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list’

Mr. Hasan Al-Ruhibah,

Mayor of Um Al-Jimal




It is Um Al-Jimal Municipality’s ambition to become a

UNESCO World Heritage Site


Representatives of the local community, and Bal’ama municipality and public security department, planting trees

and working hand in hand with the workers.


Developing Sustainable and

Resilient Cities and Communities

by strengthening democratic local government


Featured Project

Jordan, Improvement of Public Spaces and Green Infrastructure in Mafraq Municipalities


Municipalities in Mafraq Governorate in Jordan face a huge influx of Syrian refugees and have to deal with the strong pressure on services and infrastructure as a result of it. The project ‘Improvement of public spaces and green infrastructure’, funded by GIZ, and implemented by VNG International in the municipalities of Sarhan, Bal’ama and Um Al-Jimal, in the Mafraq  Governorate, makes a connection between both challenges. We advised and coached the municipalities in their efforts to improve green infrastructure and public spaces, and helped improve the longer-term employment perspectives of vulnerable Syrians and Jordanians by bringing them into work and providing qualification measures. Under a Cash for Work scheme they helped realise the green infrastructure and public spaces. The municipalities involved are now capable of leading a process for public space and green infrastructure development and maintenance, with the active involvement of their community. Specific attention was given to the inclusion of women in the process.



Results achieved in 2019:


  • Under the Cask for Work scheme, 135 workers have been hired from the targeted areas within Mafraq governorate ‘Al-Sarhan, Um Al-Jimal and Bal’ama‘. The workers disaggregates as follows: 58 women and 77 Men; 77 Jordanian and 58 Syrian;
  • the position of more than 30 male workers on the labour market has improved, throught vocational training in areas such as plastering, building dry and cement stone as well as mosaic work;
  • 82 trees have been planted in two locations;
  • in addition, a total of 6 community engagement activities were conducted during 2019 aiming to enhance the social cohesion among workers, as well as increasing the sense of ownership in the local communities.