Annual Update 2020 VNG International

‘We have gained a clearer understanding on how to improve service delivery, and specifically on the roles and responsibilities in the partnership between public-private sector stakeholders.’

Mr. Abdi Guray, Director-General, Ministry of Interior

‘I participated in the TOTs. We (participants) can now provide basic trainings to districts. I will go back to my home city where they will benefit from what I gained here.’

Mr. Jimale Abdilahi Jama,

Director of Planning and Development at Berbera Local Government

Developing Sustainable and

Resilient Cities and Communities

by strengthening democratic local government

Featured Project

Somaliland and Puntland, Advancing Strong Partnerships for Inclusive and Resilient Economic Development (ASPIRE)


The Advancing Strong Partnerships for Inclusive and Resilient Economic Development (ASPIRE) project focuses on the strengthening of Berbera District as a potential role model for inclusive local economic development (LED) in the region and as an entry point to address regional income disparities. In doing so, ASPIRE builds on Berbera’s already established LED forum (Berbera Economic Forum), investments into the Port of Berbera and Berbera’s role as an economic hub for the region.


In addition, ASPIRE works with the Association of Local Government Authorities of Somaliland (ALGASL) and the Association of Local Government Authorities of Puntland (ALGAPL) to build their capacity in order to promote inclusive Local Economic Development (LED). Both associations – as the umbrella organisations for all districts – are supported to disseminate and replicate lessons learned across respectively Somaliland and Puntland, such as the ‘why and how’ of establishing a LED Forum. By improving the overall ability of the local government associations ASPIRE aims to create value for the associations’ members. That, in turn, enhances the sustainability of the associations. Capacity covers awareness and attitude, knowledge and experience, including technical, administrative, managerial and communication skills.



Results so far:


  • Developed Berbera LED Strategy and LED toolkit for all districts in Somaliland and Puntland;
  • Staff of local government associations and district staff are capable of delivering trainings on LED to districts, and have achieved their first trainings;
  • ALGASL staff is capable to carry out LED assessments and facilitate the design of District Development Frameworks (completed in Baligubadle, Zeila, Lasaanood);
  • ALGASL and ALGAPL has a revised constitution that is inclusive of all districts and promotes gender equality through male and female representation in the Board of Directors (e.g. female deputy mayor of Badhan joined ALGAPL’s BoD);
  • Reviewed internal policies and procedures of the Berbera Economic Forum are in place and will increase membership and resources;
  • Berbera Economic Forum has established an office and frequently coordinates with Berbera District which has led to more synergy between different stakeholders;
  • Berbera partnered up with the Port Authority of Rotterdam;
  • Districts are capable of defining Public-Private Partnerships;
  • Decision-making procedures in Berbera District are more inclusive through the involvement of Neighbourhood Committees.